Casio MT-205 with ice bucket patch bay

-5 switches (left side of keyboard) that change the tone of the drums: pitch up, down, blips, bloops, bings, etc.
-3 different distortions that affect the lows, mids, and highs- one at a time will isolate different parts of the accompaniment
-knob to dial in the distortion
-2 switches that make all notes sustain, and often make pitches go crazy
-external case with eight buttons, one for each of the device's drum sounds
-two metal 'body contacts' that bend the pitch when touched, creating a nice vibrato effect
On the ice bucket control panel:
-34 point patch bay - when any two screws are connected by an alligator clip, it will do something to the sound (drum explosions, unlistenable walls of sound, confused machine sounds, etc.)
-Three knobs that can be used to dial in the effects found on the patch bay
-hard reset button