Casio SK-1 With Toast Control


        Heavily modified Casio SK-1, outfitted with a detachable toaster control panel, capable of making all the sounds you've never heard (and more). With none of the switches thrown, the keyboard functions as it would unmodified. All of the mods on the toaster were chosen deliberately and intentionally and include the most stable glitches and coolest sounds I could find. No need to fumble around a patch bay, randomly connecting things and praying the machine doesn't crash.

Mods include-

On the keyboard case:

-'Panic' button

-Knob that controls the speed/pitch of the whole machine via installed LTC 1799 precision oscillator

-Switch to activate said LTC 1799

      Toaster- (keep in mind, my descriptions of each effect are intentionally vague- the resulting sounds are also dependent on which/how many other mods are activated)

-Connects to keyboard via two D-Sub connectors

-The metal plate where the toast comes out will bend the pitch when touched, creating a vibrato effect

-Five buttons that alter the tone of the the sound you're playing, each with a switch that will leave that tone on

                     -the buttons' effects are determined by which/how many of the "rock/paper/scissors" switches are thrown

                    -knob to dial in any of these effects

-knob to adjust the pitch of the instrument

-3x "scramble" switches

-3x "glitch" switches

-9x buttons that do all kinds of crazy things to the drums

-switch: "tone adjust"

-switch: "detune"

-switch: "grind"

-switch: "staccato"

-switch: "crunch"

-switch: "static"

-switch: "explosion"