Five Frenetic Lights


Hand-painted, circuit bent 'Five Light Piano' toy-    This is definitely one of my favorite toys that I've modified!

This device is a lot of fun to play and creates some really unique sounds.  The built in songs are all complex polyphonic arrangements of landmark pieces of classical music (Fur Elise and Beethoven's Fifth as opposed to Old McDonald or Twinkle Twinkle, as is often the case with toys).  When the new effects are pushed to the extremes, right before the device crashes, the songs start glitching like crazy, creating new, aleatoric arrangements of these universally recognizable pieces of music

Mods include:

-2 knobs that act as 'tune' and 'fine tune' for whatever effect is activated by the switches

-4 switches that, when thrown individually or in combination, will determine how the 'tune' and 'fine tune' knobs mangle the sound.  You'll find that sometimes everything will get sped up, slowed down, chopped up, scrambled, and will sometimes even isolate certain instruments in the arrangements it plays

-One button that causes distortion, pitch bend, and sometimes glitchy effects

-metal 'body contact' that affects the sound when touched

-1/4" line out

-hard reset button

-on/off switch