Flashlight Delay fx unit


Homemade delay FX circuit built into a hand-painted flashlight


-1/4" line in and out

-Knobs to adjust the mix, feedback, and time

-3 buttons that allow you to affect the sound in ways that traditional delay pedals do not:

            -1 that acts as if you turned the 'time' knob all the way down, instantaneously and until you release the button, creating an eerie, spaciously claustrophobic effect

            -1 that acts as if you turned the feedback all the way up, all at once, similarly momentarily.  Creates an immediate, quickly crescendoing wall of sound built from whatever you have plugged in to the device

            -1 that suddenly creates a rhythmic stuttering of the delay that, upon releasing the button, launches a full-bodied percussive deluge of sound, whose volume and sustain are dictated by where the time and feedback knobs are set

-on/off switch with LED

-9v DC jack