La Dictee Magique

circuit bent French Speak and Read

Circuit bent 'La Dictee Magique' (French Speak And Read) by Ok Housecat

This circuit bent French 'Speak And Read' toy has been outfitted with an external control box where a collection of fantastic, delicious modifications live.  The control box is made out of a rolodex, and has been made detachable by way of a built-in D-sub cable and connecter.  

On the control box you'll find:
-1 switch-activated pitch knob that sweeps from growling rumbles to squeaky blips and bleeps
-2 'loop' switches: each has a button that, when pressed, auditions a streaming electronic sequence of sounds; when the buttons' corresponding switch is activated, that sound continues to stream even after the button is released.
-4 'glitch' switches: when flipped, the device panics, gets confused, frustrated, even angry, then lets you know by spitting out bizarre, mangled sounds
-1 button that will similarly glitch the device when pressed
-1 doorbell that generates a different brand of machine gobbledygook
-1 switch that basically holds the doorbell down for you- the device will then spit out mangled sounds at intermittent intervals...almost as if it were talking to itself
-Hard reset button (located on the device)