Mad Cow (no. 2)

circuit bent cow toy, with the following modifications:


-switch-activated knob to speed up the cow's sounds, causing the device to crash and spit out crazy noise when taken to the limit

-switch-activated knob to slow down the sounds, at their lowest becoming gritty, rhythmic, lo-fi electronic nonsense

-switch-activated light resistor, allowing for the cow to be sped up according to how much light reaches the cow

-a second switch-activated light resistor that slows down the sound by following light, similarly

*with these switches thrown in combination, the resulting sounds are playable in very erratic but strangely musical style

-2 metal 'body contact' points that distort the sound and bend the pitch when touched simultaneously

-'panic' button for hard reset

-2 added nostril LED's

-1/4" output jack