Pork Echo Beatbox

Homemade Pork Echo Beatbox 

The percussive brains of this operation is a modified Stylophone Beatbox built into a translucent piggy bank  

Features on the drum side:

-Metal touchpads have been replaced by metal 'drums'

-Stylus has been replaced by two detachable, telescoping antenna 'sticks' recycled from old weather radios

-2 buttons for 'scratch' effects

-button for momentary 'hyperspeed' effect

-3-way voice selector switch

-master pitch/volume of beatbox

-master beatbox volume/ power switch

-'drum' to begin recording loop, another to play loop

-2 buttons to change loop tempo

And the delay:

-Can be used standalone, the pigs right eye being the input and the left the output

-Beatbox is affected by the effect when nothing connected to the input

-knobs to control mix, time, and feedback