Casio Sk-1 with glowing control panel

The classic Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard, hand-painted and modified into sonic oblivion.

Mods include:

-Clear control box with floating LED's (activated by switch)

-12 point patch bay, sound is mangled by connecting any two screws with alligator clips or anything conductive

-1 switch and 1 knob that allow you to either dial in your favorite patch, or simply switch it on

-10 'glitch' switches- each affect the sound in its own cruel, unusual, and marvelous way

-1/4" output jack on the side of the control box

Mods on the keyboard:

-button that activates the installed LTC1799 oscillator, allowing a full pitch sweep from grumbling lows to chirping highs

-doorknob "body contact" that bends the pitch when touched, creating a vibrato effect

-hard reset button