Tricycle Loop Destroyer

Three independent 'looper' circuits that record and loop any audio in via 1/4" jack or on board mic, whose signals are then sent through a passive mixer to adjust the volume of each individual loop. The summed output from the mixer is then sent through a crazy delay effect, and finally out via 1/4" jack.

The three 'loop' sides of the cube are identical, each includes:

  • mic and 1/4" input
  • button to bypass the looper
  • buttons to record and play
  • switch to loop
  • switch to add distortion
  • switch to toggle pitch/speed
  • knob to adjust pitch/speed

The 'mix' portion of the machine has three knobs to control individual loop volumes

The delay side of the prism has knobs to adjust feedback, time, and mix, as well as three buttons to mangle the loops.

9v DC jack