Trigger Sequencer 


This trigger sequencer doesn’t make sound on own, but instead it ‘plays’ other instruments by activating their sounds in patterns set using the switches on the top of the sequencer.

Four individual rhythms can be programed by flipping the two rows of eight switches. The switches have three positions, with the middle being off.

The top row of switches activates channels A and B when flipped up and down, respectively. The bottom row activates channels C and D similarly.

AND SO- plug each of the outputs into different things that make sound, flip switches, make things talking in sync with each other

There are two sets of four 1/8” outputs to activate sounds in two different ways-

The first set simulates a physical button press on each activated step. A jack can be soldered to the two contacts of any button, and when connected to one of the channels of the sequencer, the button will be ‘pressed’ with the rhythm set on the sequencer

The second set of four 1/8” outputs a ~5v trigger pulse and can hooked to synth gear or anything that can be affected by control voltage