Yamaha VSS-30 Sampling Keyboard

Circuit bent, hand-painted, hamster-fied Yamaha VSS-30 sampling keyboard

Mods include:

-Upgraded microphone, rehoused into the purple and yellow semi sphere on the right side

-12 point patchbay, connections made via banana jacks- connecting any two of these jacks will tastefully destroy the sampled sound in a unique way, damaging the sample more with each connection made.  This allows for an enormous range of resultant sounds, from the 

       -3 switches that can be put in line with your favorite patches, making it accessible by simply flipping a switch

-LTC1799 precision oscillator (activated by switch) installed to allow for control over full pitch/speed range from low, crackling grumbles to manic beeps and squeaks

-the LTC can also be controlled via light resistor (activated by switch), giving the speed/pitch a pseudo-theremin-like playability

-1/8" CV in jack (activated by switch)- make the speed and pitch of the VSS-30 pulse in time with other audio gear plugged in to the jack.  Play right along with analog synth gear, sequencers, or pretty much any device whose audio out level is above about 3.5V

-DC jack has been relocated from the keyboard case to the hamster tube for ease of accessibility

-hard reset button

-1/4" output