circuit bent VTech Music Major


Hand-painted, circuit bent VTech Music Major

 The unmodified Music Major is a very unique machine- the original sounds have a very computer-like electronic tone, reminiscent of the Speak And Spell. Now modified, this machine makes some NOISE!


-Full pitch sweep via installed LTC1799 oscillator, allowing for quick blips and chirps all the way down to an abrasive, crunchy growl

-switch-activated light resistor, lets you control the pitch and speed with light, similar to a theremin

-switch activated knob that dials in an angry, wonderfully sub bass oscillation

-two switch-activated knobs that each add a wide range of control over the timbre of each tone. When these knobs are turned, especially in combination with the 'sub bass' knob, allow for an incredible range of wild tones

-two metal 'body contacts' that make the tone scream when touched, and pick up the radio when touched simultaneously

-1/4" mic input

-1/4" output

-hard reset button