Yamaha DD-6 Drum Machine

hand-painted, circuit bent Yamaha DD-6 drum machine


-The built in speaker has been removed to make room for the control panel, but has been replaced by two repurposed weather radios attached to both sides

-8 switches that activate some of my favorite effects, from stuttering rhythms to glitch-infected crunchy phase distortions 

-16 point patch bay:  when any two of the jacks are connected via banana plugs, some kind of glitch is created.  This allows the player to experiment and destroy/upgrade the sound however he or she likes

-the patch bay also has jacks to add a switch to your patch; when a horrifically terrific effect is found, this allows you to turn it on and off via switch instead of having to poke around the patch bay to find it again

-8 octave filter buttons (blue and green below the control panel); each emphasizes different harmonics within the sound, allowing for some pseudo-melodic noise

-4 trigger inputs; this allows each of the four pads to be activated (independently of one another) by external devices via 1/8" jacks.  The machine can be interfaced with analog sequencers or other devices that send a strong signal, or you can plug in a contact mic, attach the mic to whatever you want, then play that and hear the DD-6's monstrous sounds.

-1/4" output

What's going on here: I have my Hamster Sequencer plugged into the first two trigger inputs (via headphone splitter), activating sounds in sync with the sequencer.  I also have a contact mic'd tambourine plugged into the third of the four triggers in, activating the DD-6's sound when played